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“It Could Never Happen Here”

by Jeff Lewis on January 6, 2011

Statue of Liberty cryingThe downfall of all great civilizations begins with the complacency of its citizens. Success seems to breed it, and only those wise enough to understand history are on the lookout for it.

Most people have the “it could never happen here” philosophy when someone warns of a descent into tyranny, domination by a foreign power or an economic meltdown. That kind of stuff may have happened to the Romans, the Greeks and the English, but not here. Never could it happen in America.

How about a traitor from within? A Manchurian candidate, elected by the people? What would the average American think of a person who warns that it may have already happened here? He would surely be accused of being a conspiracy theorist, a loony, a crackpot, or worse (from the Leftist point-of-view) a member of the Tea Party.

If it did happen here, most people would never have seen it coming. The first words out of their mouths after realizing what happened would surely be, “I never thought it could happen here.”

Take a moment to consider a hypothetical:

What if we elected a President who had, during his childhood, been mentored by an avowed Nazi?  Let’s say his guardians had chosen this mentor for him, indicating that they were sympathetic to the mentor’s beliefs.  What if, upon reaching college, this future President gravitated toward Nazi professors?  We then find out that an individual who knew this future President as an undergraduate and was, at the time, a Nazi himself, said that this future President was “in 100% total agreement” with his Nazi professors and was at the time a flat-out Nazi who believed in old-style brown-shirt tactics.

Let’s further assume after graduating, this future President spends twenty years attending a white-power church, aligns himself with a self-proclaimed Nazi and ex-terrorist, and attends multiple meetings of a National Socialist Party group. What if, after being elected, he appoints an avowed Nazi to his administration as well as a woman who cites Adolf Hitler as one of her favorite philosophers?

Here’s my first question:

Which would be more ridiculous?

•    To assert that this person is a Nazi, or
•    To make the claim that such an assertion is unfounded?

My second question is:

If people appeared unconcerned about this President’s radical past, what would be the most likely explanation?

•    They’re sympathetic to Nazism.
•    They’re unaware of his personal history.
•    They’re rationalizing that “it could never happen here.”
•    A combination of the above.

Here’s where I’m going with this: (As if you didn’t already know)

Just take  my hypothetical President and replace “Nazi” with “communist,” “Nazi professors” with “Marxist professors,” “flat-out Nazi” with “flat-out Marxist-Leninist,” “brown shirt tactics” with “communist revolution,” “white-power” with “black-power,” “National Socialist” with “Marxist (or Socialist, take your pick),” and “Adolf Hitler” “with Mao Tse-tung.” That would leave you with an accurate description of Barack Obama.

Let’s take a look:  Obama’s childhood mentor, avowed communist Frank Marshall Davis was chosen by his grandparents, who were his guardians at the time. Obama, by his own admission is his book, “Dreams From My Father,” gravitated towards Marxist professors in college. In fact, we now know about John C. Drew, a self-described Marxist and a contemporary of Obama’s at Occidental College who verifies that Obama was “in 100% total agreement” with his Marxist professors and was a flat-out “Marxist-Leninist” who believed in old-style communist revolution.

Bill Ayers

Bill Ayers 1968 Mug Shot and Now

One of the few things we did know about Obama prior to his election as President was he attended Trinity United Church for twenty years. That’s the black-power church of Reverend Jeremiah Wright fame. We also know Obama had allied himself with self-proclaimed communist and domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.  Obama was a member of the extremist Socialist New Party in Chicago in the 1990’s, established by the Democratic Socialists of America. One of  Obama’s first appointments after the election was avowed communist Van Jones as his “Green Jobs Czar” and Anita Dunn, Interim White House Communications Director, who cited Chinese communist dictator and mass-murderer Mao Tse-tung as one of her two favorite philosophers. I can cite plenty more dubious associations, but more details will need to wait for a future post.

Which brings us back to my original question: (With the word “Nazi” replaced with the word “Socialist”)

Which would be more ridiculous?

•    To assert that Obama is a Socialist, or
•    To make the claim that such an assertion is unfounded?

It is true that people can change over a period of three decades. But if he has indeed changed, what explains the appointments of radical communists to his inner circle just two years ago?

Just as I think most Americans would insist that a president would completely reject Nazi dogma, shouldn’t we also expect a complete rejection of communist ideology?

Changing your views from a flat-out “Marxist-Leninist” to someone who completely rejects communism is a major transition.  Most would consider such a reversal in political philosophy to be a life-changing conversion.

The thing about life-changing conversions is, you usually hear about them. Nowhere in any of Obama’s books has he written about such an epiphany. In none of the interviews he has done nor in any speech he has given has he ever told the public of any change of heart he may have had since those early days.

Certainly, nothing that could reconcile the flat-out Marxist-Leninist Obama was in college with the man he purports himself to be today.  I haven’t heard one quote from anyone who knew him in college say anything like, “Oh, I remember how radical he was then, and it’s just unbelievable how much his views have changed.”  No stories about some experience he had that inspired a great sea-change in attitude. There’s really nothing to explain how a radical Marxist became an American president.

So, “could it happen here?” And, am I a conspiracy theorist, loony or crackpot to ask if, just maybe, it already has?

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